Moroccan Pigeon Pie Recipe

This recipe is based upon a classic Moroccan dish called Pastilla, which is a filo pastry pie, filled with an unusual but delicious mixture of pigeon, eggs, spices and nuts. If pigeon is unavailable, chicken makes a good substitute.

Mediterranean Cuisine: Chicken and Apricot Filo Pie Recipe-calories-Easy Homemade-protein

Mediterranean Cuisine: Chicken and Apricot Filo Pie Recipe

The filling for this pie has a Middle Eastern flavor – minced chicken combined with apricots, bulgur wheat, nuts and spices.

American Peach Pie Recipe-calories-nutrition-easy

American Peach Pie Recipe

This is an American classic – ripe fresh peaches, their juice lightly thickened with flour and enclosed in a pastry lattice. When served “a la mode” with homemade vanilla ice cream, peach pie is the perfect summer dessert. Choose peaches that are ripe and full of juice, with no green tinge. Getting Ahead: The pie […]

Spinach And Orzo Pie Recipe

Spinach And Orzo Pie Recipe

This dish is an old time favorite, which is very satisfying as well as being very balanced. The spinach, orzo and tomato create a tasty trio. The tomato sauce can be made ahead of time and blended into the orzo when the dish is put together.

Cabbage and Cheese-Cabbage and Cheese Deep Dish Pie Recipe

Cabbage and Cheese Deep Dish Pie Recipe

Cabbage doesn’t appeal to everyone’s taste but this dish is sure to be a winner served with boiled meats or served on its own as a filling vegetarian dish.

Recipe fish pie-fish pie easy-recipe for fish pie-fish pie sauce recipe

Fisherman’s Pie | Fish Recipes

This fish pie recipe, a traditional favorite, uses cooked, flaked white fish, with chopped hard-boiled eggs and prawns in a fish-flavored white sauce. Fish is also used for the fish pie sauce recipe. The topping of piped mashed potatoes is browned in the oven for a hearty hot meal. This is certainly the best fish pie you will ever eat!

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