Mediterranean Appetizers: Spicy Moroccan Olives Recipe

Mediterranean Appetizers: Spicy Moroccan Olives Recipe

Green olives, marinated in these two spicy herbal concoctions, are simple to prepare and absolutely delicious.


Healthy Diet Recipes: Flatbread Pizzas

These are a great weekend lunch to rustle up for all the family, served with a green salad – it’s really easy to double-up the quantities. Alternatively, cut each pizza into wedges and serve as a snack. If you’re eating it with children, let them choose their favourite toppings or use up what is in […]


Scandi Beetroot and Smoked Salmon Mini Frittata Recipes

I used to serve this on a slice of rye and then one day I had the genius idea of serving it on a mini frittata for extra protein. It only takes five minutes to cook, but if you’re too busy you can swap it for a thin slice of rye (just be sure the […]


Healthy Diet Recipes: Smoked Chicken and Grapefruit Cups Recipe

These are a fabulous alternative to a sandwich. Smoked chicken breast works brilliantly but if you can’t get hold of it a plain cooked chicken breast will work just as well. A note from Eatopic: To segment the grapefruit use a serrated knife to cut the top and bottom off the grapefruit then sit it […]


Vietnamese Summer Rolls With Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce Recipe

I have to confess that I’m slightly obsessed with these – spicy dipping sauce and transparent little parcels that just about show you their delicious fillings. They are adaptable to whatever you have in the fridge or just what you fancy. Some food for thought: cucumber, pepper, radish, beansprouts, mangetout, lettuce, avocado, mint, Thai basil, […]

Diet Recipe: Mexican Street Food Tacos with Quick Coriander Salsa

Diet Recipe: Mexican Street Food Tacos with Quick Coriander Salsa

These are a fab lunch and only take 10 minutes if you do a spot of multi tasking and make the salsa while the beans are cooking. Instead of the corn tacos you can use wholegrain or wheat-free wraps.

Chilli Prawn Cake With Ribbon Vegetables and Spicy Hummus-diet recipes-food for diet- food list

Chilli Prawn Cake (With Ribbon Vegetables and Spicy Hummus)

Raw king prawns are great to keep in the freezer and use when there is little time to shop. Buy them frozen and when ready, cook from frozen or defrost quickly at room temperature. This recipe uses defrosted prawns to make a healthy delicious hot lunch for two or a fantastic impromptu plate of nibbles. […]

Healthy Diet Recipes-Wholegrain Green Risotto-diet plan-list-foodcalories

Healthy Diet Recipes: Wholegrain Green Risotto

This is my super wholesome version of a classic risotto. The brown rice takes a bit longer to cook but it’s worth it and will keep you fuller for longer. A note from Eatopic: Defrost peas in a flash by tipping them into a sieve and pouring boiling water over them.

Healthy Best Diet Recipes: Quick Coconut Curry

Healthy Best Diet Recipes: Quick Coconut Curry

If you need a satisfying supper in a hurry then this is a great option. Supermarkets these days stock a wide variety of curry pastes, many of them are exceptional quality with all natural ingredients. Once you find a favourite paste it will become a great midweek supper. All of the vegetables cook in the […]

Best Diet Recipes-Vietnamese Prawn Omelette-healthy low carb diet

Best Diet Recipes: Vietnamese Prawn Omelette

This makes a great super-quick dinner. I like to have it with wilted pak choi but to make it even easier serve it with a salad of baby spinach and thinly sliced cucumber dressed with a splash of wine vinegar. I make one large omelette to save time, but they look lovely made as individual […]

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