Mediterranean Appetizers: Hummus Bi Tahina

Mediterranean Appetizers: Hummus Bi Tahina

Blending chickpeas with garlic and oil makes a surprisingly creamy puree that is delicious as part of a Turkish-style mezze, or as a dip with vegetables. Leftovers make a good sandwich filler.


French Recipe: Warm Leeks With Vinaigrette (Poireaux à la Vinaigrette)

In France, leeks are sometimes called “poor man’s asparagus”, as they are cooked in similar ways and, like asparagus, are very good to eat. Use tender baby leeks if you can find them.

Chicory Salad with Roquefort-Salade Aux Endives et au Roquefort-calories-nutrition

Chicory Salad with Roquefort (Salade Aux Endives et au Roquefort)

Composed salads make perfect starters. They are light and colourful and lend themselves to endless variation – and the components can often be prepared ahead for quick assembly. The French are masters of the composed salad. Any combination of ingredients can be used — let your imagination and your palate guide you. Arranged attractively on […]


French Salad: Lamb’s Lettuce and Beetroot Recipe (Salade de Mache aux Betteraves)

This salad makes a colourful and unusual starter-the delicate flavour of the lamb’s lettuce is perfect with the tangy beetroot. If you like, sprinkle with chopped walnuts before serving.

French Style: Mushroom Salad Recipe (Salade de Champignons à la Crème)

French Style: Mushroom Salad Recipe (Salade de Champignons à la Crème)

This simple refreshing salad is often served as part of a selection of vegetable salads, or crudités. Leaving it to stand before serving brings out the inherent sweetness of the mushrooms. #Variation# If you prefer, toss the mushrooms in a little vinaigrette — made by whisking 60ml/4 tbsp walnut oil or extra virgin olive oil […]

French Cuisine Recipes-Provencal Salad-Salade Nicoise-french food-

French Cuisine Recipes: Provençal Salad (Salade Niçoise)

There are probably as many versions of this salad as there are cooks in Provence. With good French bread, this regional classic makes a wonderful summer lunch or light supper. You may also listen to the recipe by pressing the play button below:

French Cuisine Recipes: Apple and Celeriac Salad (Pomme et Céleri-rave Remoulade)

French Cuisine Recipes: Apple and Celeriac Salad (Pomme et Céleri-rave Remoulade)

Celeriac, despite its coarse appearance, has a sweet and subtle flavour. Traditionally par-boiled in lemony water, in this salad it is served raw allowing its unique taste and texture come through.

ProvenCal-Olive-Paste-calories-what is french cuisine

French Cuisine Recipes: Tapenade (Provençal Olive Paste)

A colourful selection of raw vegetables, or crudités, is often served in France as a quick and easy accompaniment to drinks or as small starters before lunch, especially in warm weather. The term crudités is used both for small pieces of vegetables served with a tasty dip and for a selection of vegetable salads presented […]

French Cuisine Dishes-Pumpkin Soup Recipe Creme de Citrouille-what is french cuisine-calories

French Cuisine Dishes: Pumpkin Soup Recipe (Crème de Citrouille)

When the first frosts of autumn chill the air, large bright orange pumpkins are a vivid sight at local markets all over France and provide the basis for some warm and comforting soups.

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