Mediterranean Appetizers: Spicy Moroccan Olives Recipe

Mediterranean Appetizers: Spicy Moroccan Olives Recipe

Green olives, marinated in these two spicy herbal concoctions, are simple to prepare and absolutely delicious.

French Recipes-Braised Red Cabbage-Chou Rouge Braise-calories-french style-Homemade

French Recipes: Braised Red Cabbage (Chou Rouge Braisé)

The combination of red wine vinegar and sugar gives this dish a sweet, yet tart flavour. In France it is often served with game, but it is also delicious with pork, duck or cold sliced meats.

French Style-Creamy Spinach Purée Recipe-Puree dEpinards-calories-high protein-low carbs

French Style: Creamy Spinach Purée Recipe (Purée d’Epinards)

Crème fraîche, the thick French soured cream, or béchamel sauce usually give this spinach recipe its creamy richness, but try this quick, light alternative.

French Cuisine Recipes-Glazed Carrots and Turnips-Navets a la Nivernaise-calories-nutrition facts

French Cuisine Recipes: Glazed Carrots and Turnips (Navets a la Nivernaise)

In France when a dish is described on a menu as “a la nivernaise”, it indicates the presence of carrots and onions. Here the addition of turnips adds a bitter-sweet contrast.

French Cooking-Prawn Bisque-Bisque de Crevettes-french foods-calories-high pretein

French Cooking: Prawn Bisque (Bisque de Crevettes)

The classic French method for making a bisque requires pushing the shellfish through a tamis, or drum sieve. This is much simpler and the result is just as smooth.


Saffron Mussel Soup (Soupe Moules Safranée)

This is one of France’s most delicious seafood soups —for day-to-day the French would normally serve all the mussels in their shells. Serve with plenty of French bread.

French Cuisine Dishes-Pumpkin Soup Recipe Creme de Citrouille-what is french cuisine-calories

French Cuisine Dishes: Pumpkin Soup Recipe (Crème de Citrouille)

When the first frosts of autumn chill the air, large bright orange pumpkins are a vivid sight at local markets all over France and provide the basis for some warm and comforting soups.

French-Food-Summer-Tomato-Soup-Soupe-de-Tomates-Fraiches-french food

French Food: Summer Tomato Soup (Soupe de Tomates Fraîches)

The success of this soup depends on having ripe, full-flavoured tomatoes, such as the oval plum variety, so make it when the tomato season is at its peak. It is equally delicious served cold. #Variation# To serve the soup cold, omit the cream or yogurt and leave to cool, then chill.


Healthy Diet Recipe: Avocado and Bacon on Rye Toast

It’s not surprising that avocado on toast has had a surge in popularity recently; not only is it easy to prepare but avocados are packed full of nutrients and good fats which help us feel satisfied after eating. To bring it to a whole new level of luxe, add a scraping of lemon curd and […]

Charred Artichokes with Lemon Oil Dip

Charred Artichokes with Lemon Oil Dip

This citrus dressing marries particularly well with roasted artichokes. They are usually boiled, but dry-heat cooking also works well.

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