Szechuan Chile Chicken Recipe: Chinese Recipes (how many calories)

In China, the chicken pieces are chopped through the bone for this dish, but if you do not possess a cleaver, use filleted chicken meat.


Chicken & Corn Saute Recipe | Popular Dishes of Chinese Cuisine (how many calories)

This quick and healthy dish is stir-fried, which means you need use only the minimum of fat.


Easy Chinese Stock Recipe | With Pork (Asian Cuisine)

This basic stock is used in Chinese cooking not only as the basis for soup-making, but also whenever liquid is required instead of plain water.

Special Fish Recipes-Chinese Steamed Trout-nutrition facts-calories-high protein

Special Fish Recipes: Chinese Steamed Trout

Mix together the sesame seed oil, soy sauce and sherry in a small bowl and use to brush the inside and the skin of each fish.

Chinese Prawns in Chilli Sauce Recipe

Chinese Prawns in Chilli Sauce Recipe

This recipe comes from Szechuan; in the western part of China, where the emphasis is on hot spicy food combined with strongly flavoured vegetables.

Candied Apples Recipe-Chinese Cuisine-Dessert recipes

Candied Apples Recipe | Chinese Cuisine

Candied fruit recipes are popular in Chinese cuisine. This one is extra special with a rich batter, and delicious sesame seeds to garnish. TIME: Preparation takes about 10 minutes, cooking takes 5 minutes.

Half-Moon Banana Pastries Recipe-Chinese Cuisine-calories-Homemade-nutrition

Half-Moon Banana Pastries Recipe | Chinese Cuisine

These crunchy pastries are rather dry, and are traditionally served with a cup of Chinese tea. TIME: Preparation takes about 25 minutes, resting time for the dough is 30 minutes and cooking takes approximately 20 minutes. VARIATION: Make up the. pastries using different fruit fillings. COOK’S TIP: The cooked dough in this recipe is very […]

Sweet Bean Wontons Recipe-chinese style easy dessert recipes-eatopic

Sweet Bean Wontons Recipe

Wonton snacks, either sweet or savory, are another popular tea house treat. Made from prepared wonton wrappers and ready-made bean paste, they couldn’t be more simple. VARIATION: Add a small amount of grated ginger to the red bean paste for a slight change in flavor. Wontons may also be sprinkled with sugar instead of honey. […]

Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe-Chinese Style-calories-nutrition-protein-carb

Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe | Chinese Style

Fresh fruit marinated in orange and litchi juice with just a hint of almond. TIME: Preparation takes about 1 hour and the salad should be left to marinate for at least 3 hours. SERVING IDEA: Cut a few fresh mint leaves into thin strips to garnish the fruit salad just before serving. WATCHPOINT: Exotic fruit often […]

Chinese Bean Buns

Chinese Bean Buns Recipe

The Chinese do not often eat desserts but this one is a favorite. Time: Preparation takes about 2 hours, including proving time, cooking takes about 30 minutes.

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