Japanese Crunchy Veg Noodles with Tofu Recipe-diet plan-diet food-best diet

Japanese Crunchy Veg Noodles with Tofu Recipe

This tofu is packed full of flavour and tastes amazing with the Japanese-style noodles. I like to leave the veggies raw because I love the crunch and freshness, but if you prefer your vegetables cooked, then simply replace the radishes with red pepper and steam all the veg for a couple of minutes before tossing […]

Low Carb Diet Recipe-Toasted Cashew and Red Chilli Beef-healthy diet food

Low Carb Diet Recipe: Toasted Cashew and Red Chilli Beef

Although this meal is low-carb there is plenty of protein to fill you up and the zingy flavours will leave you really satisfied, plus it’s so quick to make! Make sure all of the prep is done before you start and don’t leave the pan once you start cooking; the vegetables want to be bright […]

Best Diet Recipes-Hot Green Bean and Feta Salad-diet plan-diet food-calories

Best Diet Recipes: Hot Green Bean and Feta Salad

I love this crunchy green salad, full of interesting textures and surprise flavours. It’s one of my favourite lunches when I haven’t got much time to cook; any leftovers are great cold as a packed lunch. A note from Eatopic: The dressing will keep in the fridge for at least three days.

Chinese Cuisine-Chicken in Hot Pepper Sauce Recipe-calories-Easy-chinese cuisine-protein-www.eatopic.com

Chinese Cuisine: Chicken in Hot Pepper Sauce Recipe

Stir-fried chicken served with peppers in a hot sauce. First, bone the chicken. To bone the legs, cut down along the bone on all sides, drawing out the bone with an even movement. Cut all the chicken meat into thin strips.

Easy Chinese Cuisine-Tangerine Peel Chicken recipe-calories Homemade-protein-carbs-nutrition

Easy Chinese Cuisine: Tangerine Peel Chicken Recipe

An exotic mixture of flavors blends perfectly in this delicious chicken dish. Mix the chicken pieces with the seasoning ingredients and stir well. Leave to marinate for 10-15 minutes. Remove the chicken pieces and reserve the marinade.

Chicken Recipe-Szechuan Chili Chicken-easy Chinese Cuisine-recipe for chicken- calories

Chicken Recipe: Szechuan Chili Chicken | Chinese Cuisine

If you like chilies this is sure to become a favorite.


Peanut Sauce Recipe

A new taste worth trying. It is great served as a dip with carrot sticks or as an accompaniment to spring rolls and grilled chicken on skewers.

How to Store Chilles and How to Cook It?


Chilles or chilies? Both spelling forms are right and both are hot. They have little aroma but vary in taste, from mild to fiery hot. Chillies are members of the capsicum family and come in all shapes and sizes. There are numerous varieties of chilies varying in size and strength of flavor. Commonly used in Eastern […]

Vegetarian pasta recipes-pasta tagliatelle recipe-calories-carbs-nutrition

Tagliatelle With Pan-fried Pumpkin And Red Pepper Oil

The trick to this recipe is to take it slowly. Allow the red pepper and chillies to gently release their colour and flavour into the oil by roasting them in a low oven for a full hour.

Pasta linguine recipe-clams pasta recipe www.eatopic.com

Linguine With Garlic And Chilli Clams | Pasta Recipe

You will always see this dish on the menu at restaurants in Italy, especially in the coastal towns where good seafood is fresh, plentiful and cheap. It is one of those restaurant meals you can successfully cook at home in a flash. As always with dishes that have very few ingredients, the quality and freshness of those ingredients is key. Buy your clams as fresh as possible and try to find small ones. Let’s prepare linguine with garlic and chilli clams recipe.

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