Candied Apples Recipe-Chinese Cuisine-Dessert recipes

Candied Apples Recipe | Chinese Cuisine

Candied fruit recipes are popular in Chinese cuisine. This one is extra special with a rich batter, and delicious sesame seeds to garnish. TIME: Preparation takes about 10 minutes, cooking takes 5 minutes.

Half-Moon Banana Pastries Recipe-Chinese Cuisine-calories-Homemade-nutrition

Half-Moon Banana Pastries Recipe | Chinese Cuisine

These crunchy pastries are rather dry, and are traditionally served with a cup of Chinese tea. TIME: Preparation takes about 25 minutes, resting time for the dough is 30 minutes and cooking takes approximately 20 minutes. VARIATION: Make up the. pastries using different fruit fillings. COOK’S TIP: The cooked dough in this recipe is very […]

Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe-Chinese Style-calories-nutrition-protein-carb

Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe | Chinese Style

Fresh fruit marinated in orange and litchi juice with just a hint of almond. TIME: Preparation takes about 1 hour and the salad should be left to marinate for at least 3 hours. SERVING IDEA: Cut a few fresh mint leaves into thin strips to garnish the fruit salad just before serving. WATCHPOINT: Exotic fruit often […]

Chinese Bean Buns

Chinese Bean Buns Recipe

The Chinese do not often eat desserts but this one is a favorite. Time: Preparation takes about 2 hours, including proving time, cooking takes about 30 minutes.

Melon Salad Recipe-Chinese Food-eatopic

Melon Salad Recipe | Chinese Food

A refreshing fruit salad, which is especially tasty served after a heavy meal of many courses. TlME: Preparation takes about 30 minutes. VARIATION: Use a honeydew melon instead of the cantaloupe variety. Cook’s Tip: This dessert is best served well chilled from the refrigerator, so prepare it several hours in advance of serving.

Dessert Recipes-Almond Cookies-Chinese Style

Dessert Recipes: Almond Cookies | Chinese Style

In China these biscuits are often eaten as a between-meal snack. In Western-style cuisine, they make a good accompaniment to fruit or sherbet. TIME: Preparation takes about 10 minutes. If the dough becomes too soft, refrigerate for 10 minutes before shaping. Cooking takes about 12-15 minutes per batch. Cook’s Tip: Roll the mixture on a […]

Peking Toffee Apples Recipe-Chinese Style-desserts

Peking Toffee Apples Recipe | Chinese Style

A quick and easy dessert to prepare and one which you never grow out of! TIME: Preparation takes 10 minutes, cooking takes 10 minutes.

Chinese Dessert Recipes-Spun Fruits-calories-Homemade-nutrition-banana Dessert

Chinese Dessert Recipes: Spun Fruits

Often called toffee fruits, this sweet consists of fruit fried in batter and coated with a thin, crisp caramel glaze. TIME: Preparation takes about 25 minutes, cooking takes from 10-15 minutes. VARIATION: Litchis may be used. Organisation is very important for the success of this dish. Have the batter ready, syrup prepared, fruit sliced and […]

Chinese Style Dessert Recipe-Almond Float with Fruit-calories-nutrition

Chinese Style Dessert Recipe: Almond Float with Fruit

Sweet dishes are not often served in the course of a Chinese meal. Banquets are the exception, and this elegant fruit salad is certainly special enough. TIME: Preparation takes about 25 minutes. The almond float will need about 2 hours to set. PREPARATION: To prepare kiwi fruit, peel with a swivel vegetable peeler and cut […]

Hazelnut Torte With Strawberries

Hazelnut Torte With Strawberries Recipe

An impressive three-layer castle of hazelnut pastry sandwiched with strawberries and whipped cream. A tart raspberry coulis is an ideal accompaniment.

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