Warm Spinach and Avocado Salad-chicken avocado-avocado chicken salad

Warm Spinach and Avocado Salad Recipe

To ripen green avocados, place in a closed container of maize meal for a day or two – this will speed up the ripening process.

Cucumber Dill Bites With Horseradish Cream-horseradish cream sauce-horseradish saouce

Cucumber Dill Bites With Horseradish Cream Recipe

Cucumber dill bites are a great appetizer and travel well for picnics and boating occasions. They also look lovely served as a teatime delicacy on a tiered glass tray. There’s something about summer that fires up my kitchen creativity.

chicken salad recipe-salad with chicken-chicken salad calories www.eatopic.com

Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

Find our best and tastiest chicken salad recipe, perfect for fancy brunch or for a simple and delicious sandwich. This is a family favorite. I like to use baked thighs or breasts that have been sprinkled with basil or rosemary.

Fruit Salad in Melon Basket www.eatopic.com

Fruit Salad in Melon Basket Recipe

Easy fruit salad in melon basket. Any melon can be shaped as a basket or bowl for fruit salads.

Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe-Summer Fruit Salad Recipe www.eatopic.com

Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe | Easy Summer Salads

With modern transportation, exotic fruit are no longer restricted to their country of origin and we can enjoy different kinds of fruit from around the world all year long. They do not keep well, so buy fully ripe fruit and keep them as short a time as possible to use in this variation of Summer Fruit Salad.

Apricot Mousse Recipe- dessert recipes-www.eatopic.com

Apricot Mousse Recipe | Dessert Recipes

For this delicate mousse choose fine, fresh apricots with a deep gold color, intense perfume, and soft, velvety skin.

Summer Fruit Salad Recipe-recipe fruit salad-salad with fruit

Summer Fruit Salad Recipe

“When choosing watermelon, shake to test if seeds are loose and ripe. Other types of melon should smell fragrant, and feel tender when pressed where the flower has fallen.”

Mango Sorbet Recipe Milk Free Recipes www.eatopic.com

Mango Sorbet Recipe | Dessert Recipes

 “If you would like to serve sorbet ovals instead of rounds, two tablespoons can be used to shape them. Dip the spoons in cold water. Use one to scoop a generous spoonful of sorbet, scraping off the excess against the bowl. Use the second spoon to shape an oval, then let the oval fall onto a chilled plate.”

Orange Caramel Creams Recipe Pudim De Laranja www.eatopic.com

Orange Caramel Creams Recipe | Pudim De Laranja

“To maintain an even heat, plain custards and creams are cooked in a water bath. They should be taken from the heat as soon as they are cooked or even a little before, because they will continue to cook in retained heat.”

parchment paper cooking-fish in parchment paper-calories-nutrition www.eatopic.com

Oriental Halibut Fish In A Paper Case

If you are looking for halibut fish recipes this one is or you. This recipe combines Chinese flavourings with a French cooking method: parchment paper cooking. Halibut cooked in paper, topped with black beans and soy sauce. In this recipe the fish is baked in individual paper cases. Each diner opens a paper case and savours the aroma. Cellophane noodles and stir-fried vegetables would be ideal accompaniments.

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