Mediterranean Appetizers: Spicy Moroccan Olives Recipe

Mediterranean Appetizers: Spicy Moroccan Olives Recipe

Green olives, marinated in these two spicy herbal concoctions, are simple to prepare and absolutely delicious.

Steamed-Yoghurt-Chicken-and-Cumin-Rice-with-Spicy-Tomato-Salad-Recipe-diet plan-diet food

Steamed Yoghurt Chicken and Cumin Rice with Spicy Tomato Salad Recipe

If this is healthy eating, bring it on! Those eating with you won’t even realize there is a health kick happening as this is so satisfying. There will easily be second helpings and you will make it again and again. You may also listen to the recipe by pressing the play button below:

Japanese Crunchy Veg Noodles with Tofu Recipe-diet plan-diet food-best diet

Japanese Crunchy Veg Noodles with Tofu Recipe

This tofu is packed full of flavour and tastes amazing with the Japanese-style noodles. I like to leave the veggies raw because I love the crunch and freshness, but if you prefer your vegetables cooked, then simply replace the radishes with red pepper and steam all the veg for a couple of minutes before tossing […]

Spiced Fish Cakes Recipe-Everydaay Dishes-seafood recipes-calories-nutrition facts

Spiced Fish Cakes Recipe | Everyday Dishes

Put the skimmed milk and bay leaf into a saucepan. Add the fish and poach for 10 minuted, turning once. Allow to cool slightly, then drain and chop the fish, reserving the milk.

Chinese Prawns in Chilli Sauce Recipe

Chinese Prawns in Chilli Sauce Recipe

This recipe comes from Szechuan; in the western part of China, where the emphasis is on hot spicy food combined with strongly flavoured vegetables.


Chillies Stuffed with Curried Crab Recipe

Use jalapeno chillies if possible for this recipe as they have thicker flesh than some of the other chillies, which makes them easier to peel and stuff.

Chinese Style-Spicy Cucumbers Recipe-Microwave Recipes-chinese style-calories

Chinese Style: Spicy Cucumbers Recipe

This refreshing side dish is perfect served with a spicy main course. TIME: Preparation takes 30 minutes, microwave cooking takes 2 minutes.


Beef with Green Pepper and Chili Recipe | Chinese Style Beef

The classic mix of beef and green pepper is given extra punch by the addition of chili peppers. Marinate beef with the seasoning ingredients for 15 minutes.

Smorgasbord Recipes-Spicy Chicken Livers-calories-easy party recipes

Smorgasbord Recipes: Spicy Chicken Livers

Season with salt and when cool, cut into equal slices. Toast the bread, spread with the rest of the butter and top with the lettuce. Arrange the liver on the lettuce and spoon the mayonnaise on top.

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