Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms (Fonds d’Artichauts aux Duxelles)

This recipe is a partnership of two favourites of classic French cuisine: duxelles — the savoury chopped mushrooms used in the filling – and the artichoke with its distinctive flavour.


Stuffed Fillets of Fish with Stir-fried Vegetables

To make the stuffing, mix together the curd or low-fat soft cheese, parsley, lemon rind and water. Divide the mixture among the plaice fillets and spread it over the skinned side.

Whole-Rainbow-Trout-with-Lemon-and-Ginger-Stuffing-calories-nutrition-facts-high protein

Whole Rainbow Trout with Lemon and Ginger Stuffing

Cook the wild rice in a large saucepan of boiling salted water for 40-45 minutes, or according to packet instructions, until tender. Drain thoroughly.


Baked Stuffed Squid Recipe | Seafood Starter

Use a piece of strong white cotton thread and a darning needle to sew up the squid. Leave sufficiently long ends for the thread to be removed easily before serving.


Chillies Stuffed with Curried Crab Recipe

Use jalapeno chillies if possible for this recipe as they have thicker flesh than some of the other chillies, which makes them easier to peel and stuff.

Apple-Stuffed Duck Recipe-Mediterranean Foods-calories-Easy Homemade-protein

Apple-Stuffed Duck Recipe | Mediterranean Foods

Stuffing the duck breasts with whole apples keeps the slices moist and gives an attractive appearance when they are served cold.

Poussins With Courgettes and Apricot Stuffing Recipe-calories-Easy Homemade-protein-carbs-nutrition

Poussins With Zucchinis (Courgettes) and Apricot Stuffing Recipe

If possible, buy very small or baby poussins for this recipe. If these are not available, buy slightly larger poussins and serve half a poussin per person.


Recipes for Parties: Stuffed Tomatoes

Cook the rice following the instructions on the packet, drain and leave to cool. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Slice off the tops to make lids, scoop out the seeds from inside and discard.

Spreads and Fillings-Stuffed Party Rolls Recipe-calories-best party recipes

Spreads and Fillings: Stuffed Party Rolls Recipe

Slice off one third of each roll and scoop out all the bread from inside. Place half the curd cheese in a bowl and stir in the Tabasco, white wine, salt, pepper and herbs.

Spreads and Fillings: Mosaic Loaf Recipe

Cut off one end of the loaf. With a long, sharp knife, cut all round the inside of the loaf 1 cm (1/2) inch from the crust and, using your hand, scoop out the bread from inside.

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