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Tuna And Bacon Kebabs | Kebab Recipes

This shish kebab recipe is a perfect match of tuna and bacon. Chunks of tuna are steeped in a tart marinade, then wrapped in rashers of bacon and threaded onto skewers with cherry tomatoes to be quickly grilled. A salad of spinach and mango creates a tropical presentation.

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Saltimbocca Of Salmon | Fish Recipes

Chef Chambrette, a legend at La Varenne cooking school, introduced us to this variation on traditional saltimbocca of veal. In this recipe for salmon slices of the fish are marinated in olive oil and herbs, wrapped around smoked salmon, and sauteed. A light tomato-basil garnish is the finishing touch of this easy saltimbocca recipe

Steamed Fish Plaits with Warm Vinaigrette-calories-nutrition www.eatopic.com

Steamed Fish Plaits with Warm Vinaigrette

Getting Ahead: The vinaigrette can be made up to 1 day ahead. The court bouillon can be made and the fish plaited up to 1 hour ahead. Just before serving, warm the vinaigrette and add the herbs while the fish is steaming.

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